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 : Established in 2008, Code Blahk has been in business for a little over 8 years as an outsourcing marketing group to provide cutting edge solutions for our divine clientele. Code Blahk is a members-only organization comprised of 5,000+ professionals of mixed industry partners such as athletes 16 major sports leagues (NBA to PGA to NASCAR), entertainers, actors, and music executives and affiliated with over 40,000 associates in our partner organizations. Among our production and multi-media platforms, we host premier events to assist our peers in the sports entertainment industry. Additionally, we plug new talent/clients onto cross marketing opportunities such as fashion, health & beauty, lifestyle living, event planning, brand advocacy, product placement, and much more.

 : We service an upscale audience and offer professional event consulting services. Our events and business services are about people just like you and me – the creative business folks who refuse to be defined by title or position, but rather by a true sense of one’s soul. We produce and promote events like film festivals, music festivals, theme-driven cruises, celebrity sporting events, and weekend getaways. The thread that connects all of us is that WE are the cultural innovators and creative force behind the business of urban culture.


 : Our goal is to help our clients create an exciting consumer experience that will be delivered in the most relevant and authentic way. Our unique innovative approach to integrating entertainment, music development, and sports professionals, has produced special events and activities in a myriad of locations including (but not limited to) New Orleans, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and New York. We endeavor to continue to promote events that will entertain, inform, and facilitate the growing need for communications between the vast members of our diverse community.

Defining Code Blahk

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